Primus inter pares means the best among peers. This is an ambitious but necessary goal for a company serving industry as consultant. Primus.inter.pares AS is a private, independent consultancy firm specializing in industrial chemical separations. Separations of rare earth elements including purifications of these is one special competence. Hydrometallurgy, comprising leaching, solid-liquid separations, solvent extraction, and ion exchange, is another competence.

Environmental technology including silicon of PV quality and for power electronics, CO2-separation, and lithium are some of the topics we are working on. Also development of the Swirl-reactor is at stake.

Key-words: silicon, silane, disilane, rare earth elements, lanthanides, Megon, solvent extraction, liquid-liquid extraction, ion exchange, leaching, hydrometallurgy, environmental technology, isotopes, radioactivity, thorium, radium, nuclear power, atomic energy, Swirl reactor